Saturday, June 13, 2020

DX QUICK TIPS - June 13, 2020

JUNE 13, 2020

Winter hits Mount Evelyn! Daytime low-frequency signals are appearing. Bring it on!!

3215   USA. WWCR - Nashville TN. Bro’ Stair programming at 1035 to s/off 1100. Fair to poor signal.

5890   USA. WWCR - Nashville TN. American preaching at 0515, weak signal, June 6.

⭐⭐ 5915   MYANMAR. Myanmar Radio - Naypyidaw. Contemporary-sounding Burmese pops and anncts at 1050, a weak signal but in the clear, June 11. 

⭐ 6000   CUBA. R. Habana Cube - Quivican. Winter’s here! Afternoon signals are opening up here. RHC’s English service to ENAm fading in at 0435 (2:35pm local), somewhat distorted audio and a weak signal at first but it improved later. June 6.

⭐⭐ 6080   SAÕ TOMÉ. VoA - Pinheira. Very early f/in 0545, English to Af, discussing problems with the Trump administration. Via the long path, a mostly darkness route over the Atlantic, NAm and the northern Pacific. Started as a weak signal but peaked to a fair level by 0600. June 6.

⭐⭐ 6185   MEXICO. XEPPM R. Educación - Mexico City. Sting’s “Bring on the night” coming through very clearly at 0736 even though the signal was quite weak. June 10.

9265  USA. WINB - Red Lion PA. American preaching “y’all” at 2303, fair to poor signal and faded by 2330. June 2.

9405   PHILIPPINES. FEBC - Bocaue. Interval signal at 2226, ID 2229 for the start of the 2230 service to EAs in Mandarin. Fair signal, June 2.

9525   FRANCE. Dengê Walat - Issoudun. Fair signal in Kurdish with a long talk by a woman with birds tweeting in the background….a new form of jamming?  ;-)  June 6.

⭐ 9545   SOLOMON IS. SIBC - Honiara. Island pop songs and English anncts at 2235, fair signal with the characteristic slow fade cycles that occurs on this circuit between the islands and Mt Evelyn at that time of the morning. June 2.

9580    USA. KNLS - Anchor Point, AK.  Russian commentary to EAs at 1140, fair signal, May 30.

9635   VIETNAM. VoVietnam - Son Tay. Vietnamese Network 1 programming at 1045, very good signal, May 30. And again at 2220, still with a good signal on June 2.

9665   D.P.R.KOREA. KCBS - Pyongyang. Domestic shortwave service with music programming and occasional Korean anncts from 0733 to past 0755, fair signal and // 11680 but not as strong there, June 5.

9770  KOREA REP. KBS World R. - Kimjae. Interval signal at 0757 then s/on 0800 in English with full ID and News Today. The 2.5-hour service is beamed to SEAs. Fair signal, June 5.

⭐ 11670   SPAIN. REE - Noblejas. 30-min English to WAf at 2200, COVID-19 report as it affected Spain and the world. Into the French service at 2230. Very good signal, great to hear REE back with English programming. // 11940, 12030 (a BOOMING signal!) and 9690 (with QRM from CRI-Kashi on 9685 kHz) all heard at good strength. Scheduled for English on Mon/Wed/Fri only. June 3.

15365   GUAM. KSDA - Agat. Thai preaching to SEAs at 2340, weak signal, June 5.

15610   USA. WEWN - Vandiver AL. A weak but clear signal via the short path across the Pacific at 2315 with a discussion program, June 5.

15625   GUAM. KSDA - Agat. AWR programming in Mandarin to EAs at 2330, // 15685, both weak signals, June 5.

17880   THAILAND. R. Azadi - Ban Dung. Dari service to Iran at 0715 with a fair signal. Into Pashto at 0730 and weaker with deep fades by 0745, June 6.

73 and have a great weekend, everyone!

Rob Wagner VK3BVW

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